Atar22 is traditionally engaged in the professional aesthetics market, thus following the new working needs of professionals in all areas that require frequent hand sanitization.
It has invested numerous resources in the study and design of a new line, HYGENDERM, entirely dedicated to the protection of the skin.

HYGENDERM is Atar22's love and passion for skin care: it represents the attention in the choice of certified ingredients in Italy and the search for solutions that guarantee maximum safety and respect for the skin.
HYGENDERM identifies the high-quality standards, the dynamism and the proximity to the needs of the work world with which Atar22 always works nationally and internationally.

Effectiveness, protection and safety are the concepts of HYGENDERM, a brand that welcomes sanitizing and disinfectant products that have become indispensable in this particular moment, but that also will be so in the near future.

HYGENDERM guarantees deep skin protection in all situations, in the presence or absence of water, thus leaving it soft and hydrated.
The line is proud of products dermatologically tested even on the most sensitive skin and has passed the laboratory tests against Covid.

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