Perfume Anthology

Olfactory notes to give each area an enveloping atmosphere.
Anthology was born from the desire to create an exclusive olfactory collection, wherein the harmony and simplicity of the scents of nature blend with one's own experience.
Precious essences that refer to exotic and distant journeys in the spices, to isolated solitary places surrounded by greenery, to the delicacy of a caress, to the sweetness of a hug.
Perfumes-destinations designed to customize the spaces of everyday life and transform them into made-to-measure places.
Perfume Anthology offers scented candles in 4 different fragrances - each is the result of careful research - manufactured with the highest quality waxes, without added solvents and with the purest essences, for an intense and persistent perfume in total safety.

Together with the candles, and in the same fragrances, the line also offers elegant ambient diffusers, accompanied by a set of natural wood sticks designed in number and size to ensure a constant, lasting and perfect propagation of the perfume to create the refined atmosphere.
In line with Atar22's care for the specific characteristics and needs of each Partner, all Perfume Anthology products can be customized to best express the exclusive identity of each Center.
Perfume Anthology is charisma and sweetness, elegance and energy, intensity and harmony, all to let the uniqueness of each environment emerge.